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Citizens Assembly Education Initiative 2017

Reporter Joe Little said in his online report:...

"Well Judge Laffoy's comment that the abortion issue would be definitely the most difficult one before the assembly over the next twelve months was borne out by the very graphic protest outside the gates of the Grand Hotel in Malahide here, the venue for the meeting. It was conducted by the Irish Centre for Bio-medical research.[sic] It would have been unremarkable, because there were only four [actually there were five] people there but for the graphic nature of pictures of the dead fetuses. They were so graphic a school teacher had asked the protesters to put the pictures away because school children were expected here later in the morning and would have been very upset by the sight of these pictures"

If we find looking at abortion photos so distressing, why would we tolerate abortion practice in Ireland?
"If its too scary to visualise, then it's too depraved to legalise"

ICBR condemns ALL abortion related violence and refuses to work with or be associated with anyone who fails to condemn such violence.

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